2013 Flu Predicted as Worst Season Yet

flushotBy Jeramie L Bizzle
Here a cough, there a sneeze, everywhere a wheeze wheeze, that is the tune the almost everyone everywhere you go caused by this years flu season. The 2012- 2013 influenza season has been reported to rise from bad to worse, as reported by NBC news, the flu has spread to forty-one states within the first week of the new year. Those who have come in contact with the flu usually report severe fever, nasal congestion and cough as their symptoms..
Alexis Correa, a student of Triton College, mentions how this years outbreak compares to her past experiences with the illness:
“It makes my stomach boil and I feel like I am in a coma that never ends, all I want to do is sleep, this year’s seems to have spread more, and more people are catching it,“ says Alexis.
Other most people see it as just the flu, many forget how deadly the illness can be. This year the death toll is rising steadily  with infants and seniors in the highest risk category. It is important for people to take care of themselves while being sick. Take simple measures such as hand washing and disinfecting high traffic areas. Multiple surfaces can hold various germs for as long as 8 hours.
Most Importantly: Those who have the flu should stay home from work and/or school to prevent others from getting sick.
The best recommended solution, especially during this season, is to receive the flu shot. Anyone who has not received the shot is urged to get one. If you think you have the flu, drink plenty of fluids, take hot showers and get plenty of rest. If the symptoms worsen, call your doctor.
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Reported Locker Break in R Building

lockBy Jeramie L Bizzle


Multiple reports of locker thefts in the R build at Triton College located at 2000 Fifth Avenue. Students reported to the campus police division that someone broken into lockers while they attended class in the building, electronics such as cell phones and music players were among the items stolen from the men’s locker room. A staff worker from the department, who wanted to remain nameless, talked to the 5th Avenue Journal about the steps that are currently being taken to prevent this from happening in the future:

“We watch closely for those that we don’t recognize, usually we have both a male and female worker on hand to check to see what they are doing. They walk through the locker rooms to make sure people are doing what they are doing”, said the staff worker. When asked if there being any recent arrest on the matter, the person said that there were a suspected few, but that’s up to the campus police to release those details, but does know that a few were questioned on the matter. The journal reached out to the campus police department but could not be reached for comment.

The locker room itself recently has been remodeled this year with new carpeting and lockers for the students. Until the situation is resolved, students are urged to place all valuables such as wallets or electronics in their cars for safe keeping or invest in a heavy-duty lock for the lockers. Anyone with information should call the campus police with any information.