A Letter from the Editor


Fall has arrived and the CUBS are still in the conversation.
What a game last night, boy did the CUBS need that breakout performance.

I’m sure you have noticed that the new sports facilities are finished, the parking lots are completed. There’s new paint on the walls and the floors are freshly polished and smiles on most everyones faces walking around campus. It is wonderful that Triton continues to put money back into the school which helps the businesses strengthens the community. I am a member of the community that finds great value in building from within, and I think Triton College has that same vision.

Triton College continues to be committed to providing a quality education at an affordable price, to their students and while doing so providing a academic environment that the students, employees and the administration are proud to come to each day.

It is always nice to be able to get up in the morning and go to a place that you enjoy going to whether it be work or school. Chicago is a wonderful city and Triton College happens to be a part one of the many diverse academic environments that provides cultural significance.


As I sit here writing this piece, I reflect on the past but can’t help but think about the near future. In just a few short weeks we will have a new President of the United States. This election is like no other election that precedes it. You will be voting for either a women or a man. You will be voting for a man that has never held a political office or has never served in the military but has host a TV show that fires people. Or you will vote for a women, formally the Secretary of State, a women that has been the first lady to the President and now is running for President.

My dad was a WWII vet. Wounded three times, he earned three purple hearts before they sent him home. My dad was a real life war hero but he never thought of himself that way. He never talked about the war, but when I asked him what it was like, he replied…”you never want a war, like the one in Europe to ever happen in the US”…and he left it like that.

Vote with your heart and your conscious.

The 5th Avenue Journal wants to thank the student body in advance for their interest and enthusiasm and for selecting Triton College, you have made a wonderful choice. As I mentioned earlier, the content of the 5th Avenue Journal is now, and as long as I am the editor, will always be, content that is newsworthy prose, that is fun to read which makes each issue like a box of chocolates…you never quite know what to expect. We like to think, that the 5th Avenue Journals focus is extremely diverse and that it has something for everyone.

Again, I can’t thank Sandra, Jim, Jorge, and Rachel for the great content and creative execution. I thank Chet Pickens for his cartoons and his newspaper logistics and of course Kathy Navilio for her wonderful faculty guidance. So, from all of us at the 5th Avenue Journal, hold on to your hats because you are going to have the time of your life!


Scot McIntosh

3 thoughts on “A Letter from the Editor

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