Education Leaders from Guangzhou China Visit Triton College

DelegationA delegation of about 20 educators representing career and technical education institutions in Guangzhou, China visited Triton College to gain a firsthand look at how the American community college system helps prepare students for educational and professional success.

 The visit was organized by the Oak Brook based 21st Century Institute, a non-profit organization that helps businesses and organizations build relationships through exchange programs to develop better understanding between government units in the United States and China.

 “This visit is designed to help members of the Chinese delegation understand the curriculum design of American community colleges, and match it with the marketing needs,” said 21st Century program coordinator Derrick Zhang. “Our experience at Triton has been the most unforgettable experience of all of our community college visits. I got a lot of feedback from members of our delegation, saying the visit to Triton was very satisfying and productive.”

 “In many ways, it’s a natural fit for educators from the city of Guangzhou to visit the Chicagoland area. As the third largest cities in our respective countries, we share similar opportunities – and challenges – in terms of helping our students achieve their educational goals and succeed in their careers,” said Triton College President Mary Rita Moore.

 During their visit, members of the Guangzhou delegation heard presentations detailing a number of programs and services that Triton offers to students and organizations within our communities. Highlights included how Triton’s high quality degree and certificate programs – including biotechnology and automotive technology- are helping to prepare students to succeed in the workforce or transfer to four year colleges to complete their degrees.

 The group also learned how Triton’s School of Continuing Education’s Center for Professional Development offers customized training programs to businesses within the community, focusing on safety, professional development, leadership and more.

 The delegation completed their visit with a tour of Triton’s campus, including the brand new Student Center and the recently renovated Health and Sciences building, which features equipment and technology similar to that used by many of the top hospitals in the area.

 “I’m confident this visit will inspire discussion and an exchange of thoughts and ideas that will ultimately pay dividends for the students of all of the institutions represented here today, as well as students from our communities in both the United States and China,” President Moore told the group.

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