Personal Safety & Self Defense


Written By: SJ Neri

Lauren Kosrow, a librarian here at Triton College, is also a black belt. Lauren gave a very informative lecture on how to avoid being a victim of an assault. Following her talk in Parachutes Lounge, she gave a demonstration on a few defensive moves one can use to escape an attacker. Here are a few tips Lauren gave during her lecture:Lauren’s stresses this point first and foremost; if you can remove yourself, without having to defend yourselfWhen, you should do that.

Be Aware 

  •  walking to your car at night, or on campus, be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Do not always stare at your phone while walking in public, this keeps you from knowing what is going on around you.
  • If you insist on walking (or jogging) with earphones in, you should leave one earbud out, so you can hear someone coming up behind you.

Stand Up For Yourself

  • Unfortunately most unwelcome contact will come from someone you know, not a stranger.
  • Set clear boundaries with those people by very clearly stating “You’re making me uncomfortable.”
  • Feel confident and empowered to stand up for yourself.

Remove Yourself

  • Leave the unsafe situation. If you really feel unsafe, walk back to your school building (or any open building with people) and call the campus police.
  • If possible run, don’t worry about how you look to anyone, it’s a much better situation to just remove yourself.

Last Resort

  • If other techniques do not work to remove yourself, defend yourself.
  • Fight. Punching someone can really hurt your hand, it’s better to scratch or elbow your attackers face.
  • Use whatever works to get yourself out of the unsafe situation. When you have disabled your attacker, or distracted him, run.

Target Areas

Eyes – Use finger nails to scratch at the eyes. The face and eyes are great targets.

Groin – A knee to the groin is very effective. When your attack is doubled over, run.

Neck – The neck is a good place to punch or elbow.

Nose – The nose is very sensitive, an upward thrust with the palm of your hand can be very


Feet – Use your foot to stomp on the top of your attackers’ foot.

Jaw – Use your elbow to strike the jaw, as a punch can seriously hurt your hand.

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