New Album Review: Violent Femmes – We Can Do Anything – PIAS

violentfemmesWe have not heard new material from the Violent Femmes in 16 years, and they have not lost their touch. If you are familiar with cult-classic songs from this group, such as Blister in the Sun (1983…seriously? 1983? Oh crap!). Equally brilliant are Add it Up and Gone Daddy Gone, both also from 1983. Talent does not age, and the Femmes have not skipped a beat.

The first track, titled Memory, is classic Femmes. Acoustic guitar with attitude, and lyrics to match… “I wish I could remember the sound of your voice…but it’s not by choice.” The sound that only they can make, and it’s like pulling on that favorite sweatshirt that every wants you to throw out because it’s not shiny and new. But man is it comfortable! The next song, I could be Anything, is a fun ditty, and almost childish (“Oh I can be this, or I can be that, I could pull an elephant out of a hat!”). I can picture a group of friends singing this around a campfire, while one of them strums a guitar.

My favorite song, probably Foothills, mainly for the lyrics (“I know why I go to work, and I know sometimes I’m a jerk, but I can’t tell you why I’m in love…”). The other favorite would be I’m Not Done (“I’m not done, I’m not through yet, my heart won’t let, my mind forget…”). Most of the songs on this album are fun, folksy, and guitar driven. There are only eight songs on this album. I can listen to it streaming for free on Amazon with my Prime membership, but they numbered them 1-10 (with the numbers 5 and 7 missing). I do not know why this is. The Violent Femmes hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the members are; Singer Guitarist Gordaon Gano, bassist Brian Ritchie and drummer John Sparrow.

Written by: SJ Neri

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