The Night Before: Movie Review

the-night-before-posterStarring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Ethan, Seth Rogen as Isaac, and Anthony Mackie as Chris

Director: Jonathan Levine

This holiday film tackles the merry and not-so-merry side of the holidays. Ten years ago, Ethan (Gordon-Levitt) lost his parents. His best friends Isaac and Chris (Rogen and Mackie) make a promise to spend Christmas Eve with him every year, so they can do a list of favorite things and wear hideous holiday sweaters. Now that Ethan’s friends have busy lives, they are coming to the realization that this will be the last get together on Christmas Eve. During the course of their crazy night together, the three friends come up against many unusual, and hilarious scenarios. Among the many acquaintances making an appearance is Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project). The three friends also face many internal struggles that are plaguing them, and in the name of true “Bromance” they come to each other’s aid.

While this film does deliver some laughs and sweet moments, the storyline falls short at times. Trying to view it as a scenario that can actually happen, will bring on disappointment. Don’t do that, just enjoy a whimsical ride, and don’t question it too much. It wraps up in a merry way, just to keep you in the spirit of the holidays. And for those who love to watch Seth Rogen play the part of the lovable stoner, he does not let you down. The film is loaded with small yet memorable characters. The acting chops never fail in this film.

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