The Donald – Donald Trump’s Run Could Result in a Win Win Following the Debate

donald-trumps-campaign-says-this-poll-shows-hes-a-front-runner-in-2016By Jeramie L Bizzle

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump can leave the campaign as a winner regardless of whether he wins the seat or not.

For the past few months, Trump has managed to upset a race of people, spark questionable  debates, and talk about eliminating some of President Obama’s policies including Obamacare. So why can’t we turn our televisions off every time he speaks about what his policies are if he were to win? It’s because he has managed to do what the other candidates weren’t able to do; bring attention of the race to younger voters.

As we continue to watch the debates, it easy to see that no matter what the outcome may be in 2016, Trump can have the best of both worlds. He can win the race and become the new leader of the United States, and implement his policies in the white house; or if he loses the race, there is money to be made in the media market including television, book deals, and appearances. Although he is trying to make his voice heard in the campaign, the other ten politicians believe he is not a serious candidate.

“We don’t know who you are or where you’re going, we need someone who can actually get the job done.” says Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker during the debate on Sept. 16th. Most Americans are nervous that Trump is leading in the polls, but it can be a good chance that this is just propaganda to get more voters out to the polls. According to the debate, his only game plan besides eliminating current policies, is to simply get along with other world leaders including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I would reach out to him, and I would get along with a lot of the world leaders who we don’t get along with. I would get along with the heads in China, I would get along with the heads of Mexico, I would reach out to him.” Trump said.

He later goes on to say that ISIS is fighting Syria, so why are we there? His solution is to let them fight each other and then pick up the pieces. The only problem with his plans on getting along with everyone is that one of the countries he plans to get along with is the same one in which he wants to deport its people to.

Donald Trump is the only one in the race who is currently paying for his own campaign without contributions from big businesses, but according to Forbes, Trump has filed bankruptcy twice in 1991 with the Trump Taj Mahal, and in 1992 with the Trump Plaza before it was reestablished as The Trumps Hotels and Casino in 1995. With his past debts, other candidates wonder how he would manage the nations budget.

Although it is mtoo early to tell if Mr. Tru is truly a viable candidate, the American public will continue to watch the debates closely, whether it’s for the views of the candidates or to see what crazy thing’s the Donald has to say. It is safe to assume that there will be an increase in voters this election.

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