Top Phone Apps

For Apple:

Flixster   (Free)

This app is great for finding movies playing locally, and buying tickets. You can also watch movies that you purchase online or on Ultra Violet. Also for Android.

EasilyDo  (Free)

This app works as a personal assistant, which connects online services like email, calendar, Facebook, etc. Great for task keeping, planning, and remembering birthdays. Also for Android.

Converter Plus  (Free)

This is an all-in-one calculation app that converts everything from loan interest figures, metric and imperial measurements for temperature, cooking volumes, length, and more. Available for Android for $2.99.

Dropbox  (Free)

A cloud storage app, it is great for the person who has files everywhere- your office computer, home desktop-and may need to access them from anywhere. Easy uploading, and simple syncing across all your accounts. Also available for Android.

Redlaser – Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader  (Free)

This app turns your iPhone into a bar code scanner. When shopping, you can scan any item and find out detailed information about an item, including whether you can get it for a better price nearby. Also for Android.

QuizUp (Free)

This quiz game can be addictive, as you can play against international trivia enthusiast- and Facebook friends. The list of challenges include: history, geography, language, general knowledge, and TV/movie trivia. Also available for Android.

Evernote Scannable  (Free)

Quickly scan a stack of business cards, notes from a meeting and documents using your smartphone and its camera. Available for Android also.

For Androids:

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus

Sure it is not as likely you will get a virus on your phone, but if you do a lot of web browsing on your phone, it is a good possibility. This app has antimalware tools, anti-theft tools, privacy tools and more. Also available for iPhones.

Duolingo  (Free)

This app sends you daily prompts, reminding you to practice learning another language. You work through several levels, by doing exercises regularly, and it has you listen to the language, and asks you to speak Spanish words and phrases. Also for iPhone.

Google Keyboard  (Free)

Cleaner and easier than the Samsung keyboard, it has a swype-like gesture typing. This app is great if you hate your phones keyboard, and it may be a good idea to have a backup keyboard, just in case the phones keyboard malfunctions. Also available for iPhone.

WebMD  (Free)

This app is great if you often have a need to lookup first aid information, local heath listings, and symptom checker just to name a few of it’s features. Also available for iPhone.

Yelp  (Free)

Look up reviews for businesses you are thinking of visiting, and see what others are saying about a restaurant(or other merchant) you want to try. Also available for iPhone.

Spotify  (Free)

Spotify also offers a premium member ship with other features, but Spotify has great music. Finding your favorite recording artist, and making playlists is easy. Available for iPhone also.

MyFitnessPal  (Free)

The calorie counter, and exercise tracker will help you lose weight. Other features also include a barcode scanner to track bad ingredients, and receive suggestions based on your profile. Also available for iPhone.

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