Journalism Suffers Blows from Top anchors

By Jeramie L Bizzle

williams pic The month of February was filled with the biggest news from the topped acclaimed anchors as some lied and some gave their resignation.

            The world of reporting has shifted dramatically ever since a report from Brian Williams, anchor for NBC news, was proven false by a whistle blower. The punishment that Williams sustained was a six month suspension from his job. Williams recalled a story of his plane being shot down while on assignment in Iraq during a newscast, but after the story was proven not to be in the records, he apologized for the story as he says that it is hard to recall a story in its entirety when it happened years ago.

            Other news that shook the news world was John Stewart’s announcement that he was leaving the daily show. Stewart said that it is time for someone else to have the opportunity to have their time. Although he made the announcement, he didn’t give the official date of his departure from the show; he did mention it will be probably by the end of the year.

            Recently, Bill O’Reilly has been the latest reporter in the spot of controversy of lying about his combat story. According to the Huffington Post, he lied about a number of events including Bill picwitnessing the suicide of George de Mohrenschildt and witnessing the execution of four Salvadoran Nuns. More lies about O’Rielly are continuing to come to the light, which leaves fans of the show asking will O’Rielly endure a similar punishment as Williams?

            Journalism is more than just showing up, talking to people, and writing about what happened. Journalist must undergo a code of facts, facts, and facts. A journalist who is caught lying or writing false reports can not only get fired from their position, but their credibility will be forever tarnished making it hard to get hired elsewhere. Rumor has it that Stewart could go to anchor in the absence of Williams, but it’s only a rumor. Lately Stewart has been combining the world of politics with the entertainment of the WWE by having a mock feud with superstar Seth Rollins.

John Stewart pic            No word yet on what will happen to O’Rielly and what’s next for Williams, but these shocking stories is a wakeup call for journalist to stay on their toes.


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