Must Have Games for Phones and Tablets

immortalsBy Jeramie L Bizzle

            If you just bought a brand new smart phone or tablet than you are in the beginning stages of personalizing it and add music and wallpapers to it. While you are personalizing your phone, make sure that you don’t forget the games. These games are not only fun and helps kill time in between classes, but the best part is they’re free.

WWE IMMORTALS If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat or injustice, this game is for you. WWE superstars are taking out of the ring and into dark environments as they fight against each other but with costumleps world pices and powers that exhibit their characters. Fans get to play as Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, and Brie Bella just to name a few. The only issue with the game is that it works better on Galaxy and IPhones, those with other brands may experience heavy buffering and longer download time.

LEP’s WORLD (1-3) For those who are fans of the Mario Bros. this game is a great download. Exactly similar to the game play of Mario, the game follows a leprechaun who is going through various worlds to save his family. The third installment allows you to play as any member of Lep’s family including him. This game is better played on screens such as the Galaxy notes and IPhone 6 Plus. Game still works well on smaller screens, but your thumb may block parts of the stages that can kill you earlier.

TRIVIA CRACK Who said learning can’t be fun? This simple trivia game allows friends a chance to go head to head in the game of who has the most knowledge of book and street knowledge. It features questions in history, science, geography, entertainment, sports, and art. Challenge friends or random players from all over.

Marvel Contest of chamtriviacrackpions  This game is as close to Marvel vs. Capcom you can get on your phone. Battle as some of you favorite marvel comic heroes, and prove your character is better. Same as any combat game, the only flaw again is the download time. Even on the best phones, through Wi-Fi it will take as long as an hour or two to download.

Although these games are fun and addictive, we can’t forget about games that are still creating buzz such as Angry birdsBowling, and phone emulators including NES and Nintendo 64. As more games continue to create buzz underneath the radar, 5AJ will find them and make sure that they’re in your phone or tablet.

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