Nintendo’s Amiibo Figures not what they thought to be

amiibo 1

By Jeramie L Bizzle

Nintendo’s latest extension of video game hardware simply called Amiibo gave the idea that these figures will add something extra to the games that you can play on the Wii U console. After testing the figure, it actually has limited possibilities on what it can do for the games.

Since the add on is new to the universe, it is more functional with some of the newer games including Super Smash BrosMario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule Warriors. When I bought the figure, I was under the impression that I can play as my figure, but after scanning it on the Wii pad, it was the total opposite.

For Super Smash, your amiibo can be tweaked and customized to the players liking, but the amiibo is self operated within the game. This means to can fight against it and level it up, but just like television itself, you can only watch it fight with no control over how it will win the battle. You level them up to fight against your friends figure to see whose figure is stronger.

The figure does however have some small perks to it. For instance in Mario Kart 8, if you have a Mii character, you can scan the amiibo and give your Mii the costume of your figure, and in Hyrule warriors (if you have the Link figure) you unlock special weapons and other abilities for your character in the game.

The amiibo is similar to have characters dolls in the Skyland game, but with less interaction between figure and game. Although they are available at a good value of $12, they are more fun to look at than to actually use. Until the release of more games for the console that are compatible with the amiibo, the true potential of what these figures can do are unknown, but Nintendo has some work to do to stay in the console wars.

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