Subject: Roommates Can Easily Split Payments with New App

Tallahassee, Fla. – College students and others who have roommates can now split, organize and track shared bills and expenses with a new, user-friendly mobile application. PayMyRoommate, developed by Tallahassee-based computer programming firm Paul Consulting Group, is a free Web and mobile application designed to facilitate expense splitting between roommates and friends, allowing them to pay monies owed online while building credit.

With an easy-to-use platform, PayMyRoommate makes it simple to track money owed for stress-free living.  After a detailed invoice is created, users can add as many roommates or “piggies” as they need to split the bill. PayMyRoommate will then email the “piggies” with the amount owed to the user. The application uses PayPal to transfer payments between users. PayPal is a certified and trusted third-party e-commerce business.

“We developed PayMyRoommate to facilitate expense sharing between people who live together,” said Marc Paul, CEO of Paul Consulting Group. “PayMyRoommate was designed to be as simple as possible in order to make splitting joint expenses less complicated for the user.”

The PayMyRoommate mobile application has been released on Google Play and is scheduled to be released on iTunes mid-December 2014. The Web application is currently available to all users online at


About Paul Consulting Group Paul Consulting Group is a Tallahassee-based consulting firm that specializes in software design, development and implementation of Web-based applications for a wide range of business and government entities. The company began operations on July 1, 1997, with a focus on consistently providing quality programming services – which has resulted in steady growth over the last 16 years. Its culture is one of professionalism, creativity and an ongoing love of what they do. PCG has completed hundreds of programming systems for private firms and state agencies throughout the last 16 years. The success of these systems has been predicated upon the ability to build long-term, productive relationships with clients. Part of their mission is to quickly understand the client’s processes and build elegant and creative solutions that automate those processes.

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