Are Students ready for finals?

By Jeramie L Bizzle  @jeramiebizzle87

With weeks away until students put their pencil to the scan-tron, some students might not be as prepared for their finals as they might think. Even students who turn in all their homework, show up every day, and read the assignments can still suffer from test anxiety when the big day comes. For students, they must ask themselves, “How prepared am I?”

In some courses, test moving forward are not cumulative, meaning what you’ve learned is now in the past, but this is where most students begin to struggle. Without understanding the materials from the beginning, learning what comes next can become more difficult. Even if one doesn’t understand the material from the beginning, it would mean that there would be more to catch up on which can create stress on the student and put a strain on your progress. Here are some tips to get better prepared for finals.

 Don’t throw old papers away

As students, we are all guilty of  throwing away graded papers because we don’t like the clutter or we think we’re not going to use them again and we don’t want to carry that much weight in our backpacks. Holding on to old paper is holding on to information that can randomly pop up when a quiz of final comes around. There’s a reason a teacher hands back, test and quizes. for you to study from.

It’s never too late to start a study group

Multiple heads are better than one. Starting a study group will allow you to catch up on information that you might have missed from a class in which you may have been absent. You can exchange notes and discuss what was assigned to you; plus you are more likely to remember things if you are being interactive with the material.

Get tutoring, even if you think you don’t need too.

There are multiple programs and services available on campus that will help you with that one question, to ensure it doesn’t multiply later.

Don’t cram, simply ignore for a while.

Crammers never prosper, unless it is a one question test. To make sure you absorbed the information, students are to study one subject for the max two hours at a time per subject. Sometimes, it is best to walk away from studying and go to a movie or a friend’s house to clear your mind. By the time you come back to studying, you’ll will be able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Eat, Sleep and Exercise

As a student,  you rarely have time for any of these things, but they are essential to your passing or failing an exam. The myth is that you need a full eight hours of sleep before a test, but that is not entirely true. The average body can be more productive with only two or three hours of sleep as opposed to those who have the full eight. Those two hour sleeps will keep you alert and ready to take on the day.

Exercise is a way for you to get those last minute jitters out. Jumping jacks, pushups and jogging will put your body at ease that way you won’t spend most of your time in class shaking your legs with nervousness. Last but not least, eating a balance breakfast (or lunch if you have your test in the afternoon) will keep you focused, except for those stomach sounds that your body makes during a test; it’s always when your class is silent your stomach wants to hit high notes.

Lastly, give it your all and have faith

If you do the above before test day, you should be able to walk in your class and show that test whose boss. Remember to answer completely as everything will not be multiple choice, leave nothing blank and double check your work.

Before finals, Program Board host their semester “Finals Frenzy” that give students a chance to get tutoring before their test. Don’t wait until it’s too late, start planning for your final soon; as a reminder, it right around the corner.

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