Triton College Plans New Renovations for the Campus

By Jeramie L Bizzle  @jeramiebizzle87

Plans for renovating the college have surfaced around campus after a special meeting was held that presented the bonds funded for the project on October 7th.

The project plan features the new look of the school, which provides a university feel to the college, that will enhance the students experience of the college life. Among the designs includes a new A building that will be more open (space wise) and includes a cafe, lounge area and information desk.

Students will be more thrilled about the upgrade of both the workout center and the old football field located in the back of the R building. The workout room will have new equipment and more space to fit more people in the area. The football field, which hasn’t been used since the school had a football team, will become the new soccer field with a track that surrounds it, newly refurbished tennis court and a touch up on the baseball field.

In addition to remodeling each building, the use of solar panels will be used as a part of the school’s “Going Green” campaign. The panels will be visible by the T building according to the pictures in the plans.

Other plans throughout the campus that will see some upgrades includes the cafeteria, the B building, H building (for nursing students), J building, R building, and more renovations for the parking lots. New improvements are to come with the plans such as new security cameras, fiber optic systems and fresh water systems are among the improvements to be done during the time of the construction.

The cost for the total project is estimated to be at $22,363,953.17. There is no word to when the rest of the constructions are to begin, but those who have seen the ideas behind the project are excited for what’s to come with the new Triton College.

Pictures of the renovations and the plan for the project can be viewed on the president’s corner via the mytriton portal.


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