Q&A with Chris Douridas

Chris Douridas

Chris Douridas (left) with Michael Kiwanuka

By: SJ Neri

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking to DJ and Grammy® nominated Music Supervisor, (Chris Douridas pictured (left) with musician Michael Kiwanuka). Douridas was nominated for his work on the soundtracks for American Beauty and Shrek 2. Despite his hectic schedule, I spoke to Chris over the phone and asked a few questions about his newly released House of Lies Sountrack album, which was produced by Larry Klein and released by Strange Cargo\Manhattan Records on March 4, 2014.

Q: What does a Music Supervisor do?

A:The role has changed over the years, these days it essentially means the person responsible for all things musical in the film or TV show. I was brought on board to help define the musical world that the story lives in. That involves helping producers find the films composer and taking each script, and bringing forward musical ideas that will support the dramatic needs of the script.

Q: What is a Music Consultant?

A: Music Consultant is a catchall phrase for anything that may be contributed to either support the work of the music supervisor, or in the films where they don’t have a Music Supervisor, to support the efforts of the Supervising Director. Sometimes they want to know if they should even have songs in the movie, sometimes they want to replace some…

Q: How would you describe the album?

A: A collection of things I’m really crazy about (laughs). The soundtrack essentially, is a best of collection of all the songs that have been a part of the show from season 1, thru season 2, and into season 3.  There’s a good chunk of the songs that are making their appearance in season 3. The last song on the soundtrack is the only song originally written for the series.

The goal, in my mind, when presenting musical ideas to the show, was to…wherever possible, reveal the heart of the main character (Marty Kaan played by Don Cheadle). He can be such an abrasive character… unlovable… but he’s also a father, and in some ways a wounded child. I want the music, whenever possible, to reveal the heart behind this man. Season 3 is so good, and it gets better…the rest of the season is pretty amazing. I’m pretty proud of this season

Q: Is choosing music for a TV series more difficult than choosing for a film?

A. Television shows are definitely more difficult than films, their schedule is a lot more hectic. They’re creating basically little movies, over and over again. Every show is its own piece. The schedule is a lot crazier. In film, you have a lot more time to come up with ideas, and to consider ideas, and to execute ideas. In an animated film, there’s even more of a luxury because it could take up to four years or more to make. For House of Lies, it’s a very tight production schedule.

Q: You wear many different hats (DJ, Music Supervisor, Music Consultant), where are you more comfortable?

A. My work in radio, at KCRW, has been my home base…that’s the root of everything I do. What I find and play on my radio show, is the same stuff I push out into all the other projects.

Q: What are your future plans or upcoming projects?

A. Just finished DreamWorks Mr. Peabody and Sherman, that soundtrack is out now. I’m working on three other movies, those are months away from release. I host and curate a Club Night in LA every week, which is a big showcase of bands that I love.


You can catch Chris on the internet radio station KCRW.com., Saturday nights at 8pm (LA time).

Follow Chris on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/chrisdouridas

Follow Chris on Twitter  @chrisdouridas




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