Where Did the Clubs Go?!!!

By Jeramie L Bizzle @jeramiebizzle87

 Triton College is known for its academics and involvement with the community, but for students who are looking to do something in between classes are looking to find a club or organization that suits their interest whether it being the Gaming Club or Program Board; but some clubs are fighting to remain on the list of active clubs, but instead are being added to the grave yard of inactive clubs.

According to the list of clubs provided by the office of student life, there are 30 clubs including Black Academic Student Association (BASA) and Triton College Democrats (TCD) who has bit the dust as students who start the clubs couldn’t find enough students who share the same interest. With the list of inactive clubs, this information can mean either the students don’t hear too much about the clubs or they simply don’t care.

 “Clubs who want to gain more members can setup a table in the café, or come over to student life and get some help on advertising for their club.” said Claudia Castro, program assistant of student life.

 Students of current active clubs said that it is all about promoting, promoting and more promoting. Triton Student Mia Greene, 27, who serves as serves in three clubs including TGSA, TCSA and MIG said that it begins with placing yourself where possible candidates can be located.

“You have to be where a lot of candidates for the club is located and then promote. For example next week I’m going to set up in the café to promote and recruit for TGSA.” Greene said.

 Other reasoning behind the fall of clubs on campus include lack of leadership and participation, different schedule’s between students and simply members loose interest.

Clubs that continue to impact the campus includes Program Board, Triton College Student Association (TCSA) and Bible club. For students who are looking to start a club on campus, they can to pick up a club packet at student life, have ten members who are willing to join, and members have to be in at least six credit hours each semester and have the minimum of a 2.0 GPA. It is also needed to find an adviser who is full time on campus who is willing to handle the paper work for the club.

Starting a club is the easiest thing to do on campus, inactive means there just are no members, says Jamie DePaolo, TCSA Student Trustee.

“People can pick it up and start it up again. The constitutions are still there so it is not a bad thing, it is a matter of students knowing of how easy it is. Students can come take a look at the inactive clubs and pick one” DePaolo said.

Starting a club on campus is about finding other students who share the same interest as the person starting the club. Promotion, fliers and setting up a recruiting table are just some ways to get started.

“The idea I that the club concentrate on a specific interest. Find ten individuals who like to meet once a week, talk to students in class, ask to reserve a table and there are events like club day and in the mix.”said Johnny Urbina, Director of Student Services.

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