February 24th at 10pm, witness history in the making. WWE Network Coming in February

WWE Network image 1





WWE Network image 2






By Jeramie L Bizzle   @jeramiebizzle87

Wrestling fans rejoice over the exciting news that the World Wresting Entertainment will launch their new network simply called the WWE Network on February 24th following an episode of Monday Night Raw.

The network will be offering an array of content from all wrestling leagues including the WWE, ECW, and WCW which will include all the most talked about battles between all three companies including the first ever Wrestle Mania. Other content will include programs that can’t be seen anywhere else including NXT, a show dedicated to up and coming wrestlers and documentaries of past and present personalities that still grace the ring.

What made the announcement more surprising is that every Pay-Per-View event will be included starting with Wrestle Mania 30 upon the launch. The cost for the network is $9.99 monthly, (only a dollar more than Netflix) and adds up to over $400 in savings for fans who order every event yearly.

Upon the launch, it will be available on devices including PS3&4, Xbox One, Ruku and on any phone, computer or tablet. So mark your calenders for February 24th at 10pm to witness history in the making for the world of wrestling. To sign up visit wwe.com

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