TCSA Reunion

WP_20131203_011 WP_20131203_001By Jeramie L Bizzle @jeramiebizzle87

Former and current members of the Triton College Student association filled the upper room of the B building on Dec. 3rd during the second annual T.C.S.A reunion.

The two hour event featured over 100 current and former members of T.C.S.A. Attendees from as early as the 80’s came to mingle and network with past friends and current senators and e board members. It was a blast from the past as members mingled with old friends and classmates they haven’t seen in years. Angelo Alto, 32, who served as a former senator in T.C.S.A in 2002 said that this event brought back memories of dance offs with past members and friends.

“I remember dancing with Rob Flores, prior to graduating Flores served as a senator and e-board member. Flores went on to be a chair at Northeastern. I miss everyone, I miss my friends, these are the people I still keep in touch with.” Alto said.

While everyone caught up with old acquaintances, a slide show from all senators and e-boards appeared on-screen adding to the memories of what the organization meant to everyone.

President Patricia Granados, of Triton College, said the last get together was seven years ago and that these meetings give the students and alumni the opportunity to stay connected.

“These events allow attendees to come back to Triton, catch up and to network, that’s the affirmation of our mission, for students to come back and to share their stories.” Granados said.

The Triton College Student Association provides individuals leadership and team building skills that will help them in their careers. Students who are interested in becoming members of T.C.S.A can receive more information from the Office of Student Life.

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