The Holiday Season is just Around the Corner


By Jeramie L Bizzle  @jeramiebizzle87

 With the holiday season just around the corner, the one thing that most teens are going to bug their parents for is a brand new smart phone. But with all the brands including Galaxy, IPhone and Windows, how do you choose the right one to meet the needs of not only your child but to the parent?

There are returning favorites and brands that are announcing their come backs including LG, Motorola and BlackBerry, but how do these phones stack up in a day where calling and texting is replaced with Facebook and Snap Chat.  Here are lists of the latest phones that will be battling for your business in December.

 Windows 925 and 1025 Lumia  If you love your computer and love taking pictures than this is a phone that meets your expectations. Operating of windows 8 this phone and its popular tile display makes finding what you need simpler and fast. Accessing your camera to get that once in a lifetime shot is quicker than Android and the best part for college students is that it comes with office so you can work and access your homework just about anywhere. Averages and estimated six to eight hours depending on your display and app settings you customize and come in multiple colors for a phone that’s your own. This phone is not for those who are into everything social networking for popular apps such as Snap Chat, Instagram and Vine are yet to be available in its app store.

 BlackBerry Z10 and Q10  This isn’t your parents BlackBerry, the reinvented BB tries to mimic its competition with is IPhone 5 like design and Android like navigation. After you get pass the new look you come back to reality as you realize that if your not working in a cooperate field, you don’t need it. It has familiar apps like Angry Birds and Facebook but besides that there is nothing else to say about the phone except that if you are working hard in school or work than it can serve as a great digital assistant, but it put more work than fun in its store.

 Motorola X  The last we heard of Motorola was when the Razr and the Cliq was popular, but with the buzz surrounding its personal customization option, longer battery life, glance feature, camera and light design, it may be that everyone can get excited about.

 IPhone 5s and 5c  Apple has reinvented the phone with just a couple of features including the finger print scanner and its sleek slim design, but it is still an IPhone. The plus is there are more apps and better camera features, but just as you have to do with any Apple product, you will have to buy them. The 5c model or as come may call it the IPhone 5 cheap, still functions as the 4s. A smart phone that is simply made for parents who have their first smart phone.

 Samsung Galaxy Series  Within the past three months, we have been introduced to the Galaxy S4, Note 3 and two other big screen models that makes you question how big is too big. All devices are fast through a 4G network and have everything you need for both work and play. Paying out of pocket without belonging to a network will cost you a pretty penny, but you can enjoy all the things it has to offer as it can connect to Wi-Fi and with so many free calling apps, you don’t need a phone plan to have the latest Galaxy.

With the holidays just weeks away, now is the time to start lining up for that new phone that will bring joy and happiness to a child, but frustration of a high phone bill to the parent.

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