TGSA National Coming Out Day


TGSA National Coming Out Day

By Jeramie L Bizzle @jeramiebizzle87

Triton Gay Straight Alliance members exhibited both the dark and bright sides of what it is like to be of a different sexual orientation than others during their national coming out day on October 14th.

The event starts with people who entered into a dark room where hateful slurs and phrases are plastered around the room including HOMO and FAG while members yelled hateful sayings to you while a projection of those who committed suicide due to the same types of bullying are displayed. This was to give insight to what most people today who are LGBT nowadays are experiencing while dealing with the taunts and torments of others.

After seeing the negative side of things, you are taken to a bright room where it celebrates being who you are. Opposite of the dark room, phrases that are plastered around the room are of politically correct terms including homosexual and transsexual and a sign that displayed the rainbow with the phrase “Angels Above Us”.

Members of the group wore t-shirts that displayed their sexual orientation on the front with the question “Can you tell?” on the front.

This years event took a complete turn in comparison to last years as it not just showed those who lost their lives for being different but took you inside the harshness of their lives. President of TGSA Shakena Kirksey Polk, 31, said that this event was needed as it doesn’t focus on the bullying of those who are LGBT, but those who are bullied everywhere.

“The school needed this exhibit because people always here about it happening, but hearing it and seeing it are two different things. Individuals come in and it is completely anonymous and they would write about it and how they feel about it. We want to make this a yearly event to promote anti-bullying not just to our members but everyone.” Polk said.

The event left those who attended with emotions as to how this continues to be a problem in society. It was not just an emotional time for visitors but for the members of the club. Mia Greene, 27, said that she has been there but it made her a stronger person.

“This was personal for me especially after coming out in high school, I heard the terms, I was told I wanted to be a man, I got jumped, I fought, but it made me strong. I am glad we can raise awareness, I wish we could have had this in high school.” Greene said.

TGSA is a club that provides a safe and non judgmental zone that welcomes all as there is no difference, it is a place of just being. TGSA member Marguerite Incardone, 20, said she hopes this event continues even after they all graduate.

“This doesn’t focus on LGBT, but bullying in general. It affects everyone, they are strong people and great for being who they are. Why make fun of what makes everyone unique.” Incardone said.



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