Triton College Corn Roast 2013 was a Great Success!

Triton College Corn RoastBy Jeramie L Bizzle   @jeramiebizzle87

Students and faculty waited in line to get a taste of the roasted corn during the 2013 Corn Roast presented by Program Board.

Each year, the event brings students not only corn with all the fixings but also games, music and prizes as they partake in activities from various supporters including the United States Army. In addition, all the clubs were out looking to promote themselves and get students excited about the extra curricular activities while attending Triton.

“It was a great time for fellowship and we are really blessed, we had 20 people sign up for TBC and we are on our way to get the word out” said Danny Holowicki, President of the Triton Bible Club.

More students expressed that this event is a solid mark in Triton history as it unites both students and faculty outside the classroom. Student and Program Board member Alexis Gonzalez, 19, said that this event was a way to get students involve with the administration.

“Corn Roast is the best way to bring the Triton community together,” Gonzalez said.

Although the weather took its toll in the evening session of the roast resulting in moving the event to the cafeteria, everyone still enjoyed the festivities.

Although the event ended in a down pour, the big smiles and full bellies of everyone on campus made it all worth while.

Photos and video of this year’s event can be seen at

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