BHC Host 4th Annual Meet and Greet

BHCBy Jeramie L Bizzle     @jeramiebizzle87

 More than 100 students including high school students from the West Town Academy attended the forth annual Black Heritage Council (BHC) meet and greet on October 9th in the cafeteria located in the B building.

The meet and greet featured tables that offered information about programs and services that are offered on campus including Student Life, TRiO, in addition to departments such as automotive and English and partnered universities including Governors State.

Students were also flocking over to enjoy lunch with all the representatives and had a chance to enter into a raffle to win a free three credit course. For students to get entered into the raffle, students had to introduce themselves to each department and the department would sign off on their form in which they would receive a ticket for lunch and the raffle.

Shenty Rosado, 20, who is the winner of the raffle, said that she enjoyed the event because it was educational and she is excited on winning.

“ It was helpful, you learned a lot of things about the school, especially when the lady I forgot her name was talking about resume’s, and now I am excited because I can take a class that doesn’t have to do with nuclear medicine.” Rosado said.

President of the BHC Larry McGhee said that the event was a success and students always encourage him to continue in addition to giving ideas of what they would like to see like more academic departments.

In most meet and greets for clubs and organizations on campus, students typically would have to lured to an event whether it be through giveaways or food offerings. When asked about the subject, McGhee said that students need to be lured at times.

“Sometimes we have to lure students because it takes extra encouragement to get students to see what is offered to them like free food and a free class.” McGhee said.

BHC wanted to thank all those who were involved in making this years meet and greet a success. More events from the organization are still in the works but are sure to draw the same crowd if not more.

President McGhee invites those who are interested in attending their meetings that are held every third Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m. In room B-211. If you have any questions about the BHC and their mission, contact Larry McGhee at extension 3277.

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