Well Attended Movie on the Mounds

Evening Movie Entertainment at TritonBy Jeramie L Bizzle       @jeramiebizzle87

Students, faculty and community residents came out to Triton College for their annual Movie on the Mounds event with their feature this year of Monsters University on September 29th.

Each year, the event hosted by Program Board invites all to come take a load off in a similar drive in style movie that is displayed on an inflatable movie screen that stands as high as the trees by the B building.

This year’s event had one of their largest turnouts with over an estimated 650 people who came with their chairs and blankets and indulged in hotdogs, popcorn and soda as they watched how Mike and Sully began their journey in the monster business.

Other than the movie itself, everyone enjoyed other fun activities such as shooting hoops with the McDonald’s teams, winning prizes based off the film in the Program Board raffle and the best part, watching the kids dance to some cool tunes.

The film not only shows some funny scenes and the importance of teamwork, but it also shows the importance of going to school and getting educated on the things that interest these young minds. Since the average age at the event was probably four, you may hear I want to go to that school a lot, but the message it instills can benefit the child in the years to come. As always, Great Job Program Board!!!

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