Lorenzo Webber Leaves Triton College to Join UIC College Prep

By Jeramie L Bizzle


 The words of inspiration, leadership Bill Cosby impressions and the unforgettable laugh of former program assistant of special initiatives and Student Ambassador adviser Lorenzo Webber will be missed he announced his departure from the college last week.

Webber, 25, began serving along Student Life staff at Triton for three years in August of 2010, around the same time he graduated from the institution. Along with launching the Student leadership institute, he has worked closely with other clubs and organizations on campus including TCSA, Campus Net and Program Board and is the President of the Triton College Alumni Association. He reflects on his first day being a part of student life and his experiences here at Triton.

“The memories are endless, the opportunity to work directly with students is something I will never forget,” Webber said. “I can remember the first day of sitting at this very desk with the question coming in mind “Oh My Goodness” what is special initiatives, and I came to understand it is about serving students.”

Webber will now be serving in administration at UIC College Prep, a Charter High School in Chicago. He leaves all his co-workers, friends, students and staff with a message as he begins a new chapter in his life.

“To the staff and the students and administration of Triton College, It has been a pleasure to serve along side you and for our students to serve you,” Webber said.

“If there is anything I would leave for student leaders here on campus or to students who come to our campus for the first time, make the most of your time here at Triton College. It is often a brief moment but a very essential moment and that you take advantage of the resources that’s available to you, the staff members are there to support you and most importantly of all the opportunities to build yourself into a better person”

Webber in addition said it is not goodbye it’s see you later and encourage students to learn about their alumni association. For the full interview visit5thavenuejournal.com.

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