LASO Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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By Jeramie L Bizzle    @jeramiebizzle87

The Latin American Student Association held their first annual Latino cultural exhibit on September 25th and 26th in the parachutes lounge located in the B Building in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The exhibit featured traditional costumes, paintings and pottery from countries including Venezuela and Mexico. Mayra Anguiano, 21, who serves as the president of the club said that this is important to Hispanic students as it express culture to others for every culture has a meaning.

“No one has done this here as far as I know, and we want to teach others about the arts and the cultures of other countries,” Anguiano said. “We have countries here like Columbia, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico.”

more artifacts featured in the exhibit included candy skulls for day of the dead in Mexico, Paintings from San Antonio de Pereira and currency from Honduras. Fellow students and members Nicole Burgos, 19, and Daniel Gonzalez, 18, also said why this event is important not only to the college but to themselves.

“We are a very diverse school, showing the differences in culture introduces them to different culture. We have a lot more stuff coming and we hope to expand it.” Burgos Said.

“Most people think that Latin America is in the south, but we have a broaden horizon and people get to learn about other cultures and get a sense of heritage,” Gonzalez said. “I’m born in the U.S but I don’t know much about my own culture so this is a good experience for me.”

the Hispanic Heritage month begins September 15th and lasts until October 15th. President Anguiano also mentions that they are working with Program Board to end the month with more traditional Hispanic customs for students.

LASO will also be hosting an event for the upcoming day of the dead on October 31st, Time and location to be announced.

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