PlayStation 4 Console to be released in November


November 15 Launch Date















By Jeramie L Bizzle

 The release date for the new PS4 was announced at the GamesCom convention on August 20th.


The highly anticipated PlaySation 4 has been announced to make its debut in stores on November 15.

The system that is home to popular games including Crash Bandicoot, God of War and Tekken has been teasing their fans with hints of the new design and the new features of the remote control with now has a touch panel similar to the mouse pad on a laptop.

The ongoing war between which system will become victorious in the console world between the PS4 and the soon to be released Xbox One is heating up as rumors of game play and the online features are getting posted online, but yet all directions of which will have the longest wait line leads to the PS4.

PlaySation from the creators of Sony first made its debut in December of 1994 and since then has been the leader of the gaming world as it was the second system besides the Sega Saturn to used disc games whereas the Nintendo 64 was still using cartridges. After two decades, the graphics and game play strayed away from the typical puzzle and sports games to fantasy and reality with games including Final fantasy and the popular Call of Duty series that is also available on Xbox.

GameStop customers can now preorder the console either by itself or with one of the new games including the latest Assassins’ Creed Title.

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