Students Learn to Adapt to New Policies

By Jeramie L Bizzle


The new student portal is getting mixed reviews as students attempt to register for fall semester classes.  The new policies that are in place this fall seem to be quite a departure from prior registration procedures.

The new MyTriton portal is the latest program that students can use to login-in to check information about classes, financial aid and registration. However, what was supposed to help students obtain information more easily is causing considerable confusion to many. In addition students expressed their frustration over the new payment policy that gives student only 48 hours to pay for their classes or set up a payment plan or otherwise they can be dropped from their classes due to non-payment.

“I’ve had immense difficulty accessing the Web Advisory consistently. I had to contact the IT department multiple times for assistance,” said Denise Gladden-Peters, a sophomore at Triton College.

“The 48 hour payment opportunity is absurd. Everyone doesn’t have the full payment within the 48 hour period. It’s an inconvenience, not an opportunity for students, like me, who rely on financial aid and student loans. I took the time to register early and those classes were deleted and I had to re-register. I could see if I was a freshman, maybe, however I’m a sophomore who has academic history with Triton and I’m committed to completing my education at Triton.”

Staff has been working along side the students to get them accustomed to the new portal, Student Life clerk, Jason Guevarra said that some students needed assistance setting it up and logging in. “It was difficult at first for some of them, but students eventually found the portal to be more efficient.” Guevarra said.

So far the transition from old programs, RALPH to the new MyTriton portal and WEB ADVISOR has been a bumpy road.  The old system was saying one thing and the new system is saying another. Some students have been prevented from registering online because they are said that they haven’t completed their prerequisites or they can’t access their information. Student Zach Center, is not too bothered by the changes, but does feel it needs some work.

Students and faculty predict that the fall semester will be a little different from the previous years due to these new changes and many worry that their financial aid or other methods of paying for school won’t happen in time to keep them from being dropped from their classes. Students are advised to make sure that their financial aid is complete prior to registering for classes to avoid the drops and to setup your new student portal if you have not done so already, visit the web advisor at

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