Introducing the Cave Man Diet

By Jeramie L Bizzle


Nowadays, there are numerous diets that promise those looking to loose weight that they will meet their goal in little to no time. Some requires you to barely starve yourself and others say you can still stuff your face with all the donuts and ice cream you want and still can loose the weight. As of late, the newest diet will keep everyone who tries it on track and sets us back in time. This is known as the Paleolithic Diet.

Founder Loren Cordain, author of the “Paleo Diet” has been featured in numerous articles and clips about the diet. But what exactly is the Paleolithic diet? This is commonly known as the caveman diet, where as you can imagine how they once lived and the type of different food they eat. The following are the only types of foods that you can eat while on this diet:

Raw Veggies:

Uncooked vegetables have a higher source of nutrition then cooked veggies. This however does not limit you to picking plants and snacking, but it can be those that can be eaten both raw and cooked. In other words, if it is in a can, don’t eat it.

Fruits/ Nuts/ Seeds:

These have played a role in numerous diets and this is no different. The only difference is that it is advised to try to avoid those with high sugars. Since fruit is the only sweets that you may enjoy in a while, treat them as if it was a cupcake or donuts, limit the intake. Nuts you are welcome to a few ounces of these daily, the only ones that is not is the cashew and the peanut as they contain harmful qualities such as lectins and isoflavones.


Low fat meats are the most recommended while on the diet. Chicken, fish and cattle are just a few that you can enjoy. Eggs which are also a good source of protein can be eaten. Natural bred meats are better over the steroid bred all together. If you are not one for eating meat, there are various supplements available to fill that void.


When it comes to this category, there are only three oils that you are entitled to using. Olive, nut oils such as cocoanut. But just like eliminating peanuts, you must do the same with the oil as well.


If you are a soda head or can not start your morning off without that cup of coffee you are going to hate this point. Besides water, come on we need it to survive, and teas such as herbal and green tea, there is nothing else that you can drink. Teas can help regulate the digestive system and water can flush out the waste from you body. Other beverages such as soda and coffee can add to that belly fat you are trying to get rid of.

As you may assume by now, everything else besides of the ones listed above is out of the window. Salts, Sugars, Legumes (peanuts, soybean, peas, etc.) and dairy are not allowed.

For those interested in learning more about the diet, pick up a copy of the Paleo Diet and learn how to get started. What people may appreciate about the diet, is that they do not have to starve themselves to have the body they want.

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