T.C.S.A Host 2013 E-Board Debate

EBOARD CANDIDATESDebate 111 copyFrom Left to Right: Jamie Depaolo, Doris Davenport, Lorenzo Webber
and Shakana Kirksey. Not Pictured: Tina Scarpelli and Nick Chiakulas

By Jeramie L Bizzle


March 27th – Candidates running for office of the Triton College Student Association (TCSA) E-board presented their platforms for students at their yearly debate this past Wednesday. The event hosted by Lorenzo Webber gave the chance for those who are running to let the students know who they are and why they are running and answer any questions that they may have on improving the school. Those who are currently running include Doris Davenport for President, Tina Scarpelli for Secretary and Nick Chiakulas for Treasurer, all mentioned above are running unopposed . This is the second year where there are no runners for the Vice President position, those interested will be appointed by the president elect. But it is without a doubt that this years debate for Student Trustee was the most exciting and political one seen by the students.

Shakana Kirksey who is the current President of TCSA and Jamie DePaolo the current President of Program Board went head to head in what some may say was a Romney and Obama style debate. Besides the usual “What I can do for your school” type of speech, this is not only the first year where is was only women running for the position, but shots were given when DePaolo questioned Kirksey’s involvement with TCSA asking how did she make the organization accessible to students? Instead of firing shots back, members in the audience questioned how can someone want to run for the position without having no TCSA experience? Each candidate gave their thoughts on what they feel their qualifications in past clubs and organizations will help them in their role if elected:

“A Trustee is someone who is dedicated and interacts with the students. It is not about just putting up fliers and posters, but it is about interacting with students. By getting information out for them and being out there I will make myself available 24/7!!!”, says Kirksey. DePaolo replies with similar remarks but includes working with the board as well as with the Academic Success Center and letting students know about workshops and programs such as Trio and T.E.A.M.

All in all, in a way it is Program Board Vs TCSA for the title of Trustee. Here is where the rainbows and lollipops mentioned by Kirksey during the debate ends and reality sits for a chat. TCSA and PB are two different organizations on campus whereas one is for events and one is for business around the campus. If candidates were weighed by actions performed during their current positions, they will be somewhat equal in a way. But in a school just like in a political setting its all about who you know rather then what you know and who has a better connection with the students. Being realistic doesn’t mean that you should lower your confidence but gives you the incentive to work harder towards your goal. And between the competition this year, that’s the greatest advice given, BE REALISTIC!!! but in the end, it is up to the students to decide who they want to turn to if they have a concern about the school. May the best man, sorry, woman win. Win or lose, the students are not only lucky but thankful that they have these intelligent minds to represent them.

Voting beginnings April 2nd and 3rd from 9 am to 7 pm with the results posted Thursday April 4th. In the words of Lorenzo Webber, go Trojans, go Trojans, GO!!!

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