Oz The Great and Powerful

OZ posterReview by Michael Davis

Much is to be credited to Sam Raimi’s effects team, who do most of the heavy lifting on “Oz The Great and Powerful. Even so, some of the effects still suffer a stranger disconnect from any sort of believable ‘reality’, as does the whole movie. It’s a fantasy movie that somehow feels fake at times, as well as suffers from an incredibly inconsistent tone. The talented cast is also unable to act through this heavy amount of CGI at times, and Raimi, although an accomplished Director (The Evil Dead, Spiderman 2, Drag Me To Hell) seems unable to direct it. Of the cast, Rachel Weisz stands out as being good. Mila Kunis is also good, until her character makes a certain transformation halfway through and her performance becomes overblown and inconsistent. Her character’s development also doesn’t make sense, given her goodness and kindness during the entire first half of the picture. Overall, it’s a sometimes fun, sometimes pretty, but totally inconsistent film that most kids should enjoy, and it pays decent homage to “The Wizard of OZ”.

2 ½ stars.

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