What Students can Expect in Math Prerequisites

By Jeramie L Bizzle

Each semester, students become frustrated when it comes to taking their math courses. But little do they know, the same classes that they claim they struggle in, is the same common knowledge they learned all the way in kindergarten.

Math course such as 045, 055 and 085, consist of elementary knowledge. For example, as kids we learned out ABC’s before out numbers. This same process is seen in algebraic equations where the leading variable comes first in the equation such as 5x-5 or 4x+3y. Below is a lesson of need to know information that can give you an idea on what to expect in each of the following prerequisites.

Math 045
this level of math is something that should have been learned in eighth grade into high school. Combining like terms, graphing and the P.E.M.D.A.S rule are just a few of the things you can expect to see. If you are not a fan of word problems or geometry, no worries 045 introduces you to the basics but it is important to learn your geometric formulas and degree measurements prior to this class.

Math 055
in this course you will be introduced into distributing, a method of multiplication in which each number or variable become multiplied into another parenthesis contain an equation or number. One thing that a lot of students get confused with is the sign changes. There are three rules when it comes to sign changes as followed:

  • + and + = +
  • + and – = –
  • – and – = +

This rule will help distributing easier towards solving the problem. You will also learn about factoring which is breaking down a number into its lowest multiple form. In elementary, there was a thing called the “Factor Tree” that was taught to show all numbers that goes into a given value. Just when you thing you would not see it again, boom goes the dynamite. When factoring equations such as x^2+x-6, the last and middle term are what’s important because you have to find to numbers that are multiplied together to get the last term but when added gives you the middle term. Thus resulting in (x-2)(x+3).

Math 085
In this level, you will be introduced to some new methods if you have not learned them before. Rational expression, domain and range and the quadratic formula just to name a few. The formula however is only used when and equation can not be factored.

A lot of students are looking to place out of these classes to get into college level because even if you pass these classes, they do not transfer. If you need help in any of the subjects listed about, be sure to visit the Math tutoring zone located in the lower level in the A building . But in order to pass, the simplest solution is to go to class.

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