Decline of Communication

textingBy Sandie Neri

Is texting and tweeting making us more distant…and less productive?

I could not help but notice lately that while we now have several ways in which to communicate with each other…there seems to be less actual communicating.  According to an article on , as society increasingly texts and tweets away, relations with our fellow man are suffering for it. Paradoxically, as we gain more tools to communicate with one another, our words seem to have less meaning.

Time-honored principles such as honesty and common courtesy have been on the wane for decades but these unfortunate behavioral shifts now appear to be growing at an explosive rate. The trend is largely driven by our increasing ability to stay instantaneously connected to the rest of the world.

Sadly, this is not the only drawback. Today, due to the constant interruption which comes hand in hand with so much connectivity, the workplace is rife with distraction, and thus less productivity. There are times when efficiency requires careful deliberation. In today’s world though “multi-tasking” is thought to be all the rage, the concept is largely farcical. Oh sure, people may think they’re multi-tasking but if you mean effectively accomplishing multiple things at once, particularly in a variety of mediums, most miss the mark. Chances are, with all this “doing” going on, nothing is done very well.

As we have become slaves to our electronic masters the world has also become a colder and more impersonal place. Everywhere we look there are examples of people who are in each other’s physical presence but rather than interacting socially with one another they are communicating with someone else via their handy electronic gadget.  They are there but they’re not really there.

When we communicate face to face we have the benefit of understanding one another through body language, the look in one’s eyes and tone inflection. When communicating by voice alone, it can be more difficult to understand one another but at least we have the tenor of voice to guide us.

While I am sad that communicating is declining at the rate it has been in recent years, I have to admit I have also slipped into a slightly less communicative persona. By keeping up with my writing, I am hoping to at least improve at another form of communication.

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