A Cool Fun Fest Leaves us warm Inside

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By Sandra Neri

The morning of Saturday October 6th was very crisp, as the set up for Triton College Family Fun Fall Fest was underway in the Botanical Gardens. As a volunteer worker for the fest, I worried that the cool Fall air might keep people away, but that would soon be put to ease. They came…they crafted… they ate. In the afternoon, the sun made a special appearance, and did manage to warm us up a little. The kids for the most part did not seem to mind the pleasant chill. Between making jewelry, face painting, crafting masks, painting pumpkins, decorating cupcakes and cookies, walking through corn mazes, milking Maggie the cow, and eating food cooked by our own hospitality students, the families in attendance did not seem to mind the weather. Hospitality also provided  plenty of warm cider, and hot cocoa to help warm up guests.

The tables that provided arts, crafts, legos, and games were staffed by different departments here at Triton. The Visual Communications photography students and faculty were happy to provide free picture taking for guests and their families. The photography students set up a background of haystacks, cornstalks, and pumpkins to serve as the perfect setting for Fun Fest pictures. Guests just had to fill out a short form, and will be sent a digital file with one pose chosen by the photographer.

The Arts department set up a table with drawing robots, which children controlled with a hand controller. The robots are shaped like lady bugs, and hold a marker to paper, then by hand controller, they draw. The Hospitality students had cupcake decorating for our guests. Horticulture provided the corn maze, pumpkin sale, Maggie the Cow, and putt for a plant. The Engineering department had Lego activities for the kids. The Math department had pumpkin decorating, and several other activities were available for families. The Fall Family Fun Fest was  a success, thanks in large part to Alicia Jakymiw (Coordinator of Special Initiatives), and the numerous departments who came together to show the Triton College spirit, and give the community a day filled with fun. I cannot wait until next fall.

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