Future High School Graduates Visit Triton

Story by: Jeramie Bizzle

Photos by: Sandie Neri

Saturday, October 13th, Triton College, 2000 Fifth Avenue B building, welcomed high school juniors and seniors to their Fall College Visit Day. Dr Amanda Turner, Dean of Enrollment Services and host Sujith Zachariah, Associate Dean of Student Services welcomed the estimated 75 attendees to the college to provide more insight of what it is like in the life of higher academia. The event began with a panel discussion with members of faculty, counselors and financial aid staff explaining the importance of attending college and the steps needed towards getting started. The future high school graduates had the chance to pick the brains of the panel by asking them how they were able to cope with their experiences in college, including Outreach Coordinator Javier Martinez who recalls his busy life as he juggled school and work. “Every student is different, I was going to school full time and working. For me it was learning to know how to balance your studies, there is a bunch of things available for you here for free” says Javier. The panel also mentioned that time management is a key factor in achieving academic success.

After the panel discussion, students were free to browse information about what the college had to offer including scholarship information, clubs and organizations, and financial aid. Visitors attended three concurrent sessions which include more information on paying for college, steps towards admission and achieving academic success including helpful programs such as TRiO and tutoring centers. Unfortunately, students could not receive the full tour of the school due to weather, but were thrilled about what they saw in the B building. Recent Shurz high school graduate and Triton College hopeful Carlos Zapata expresses how he liked the school and why he chose to attend college instead of jumping head first into the work force.

“I want to go to college to have a brighter future, better, and maybe one day have my own business someday. But for now to get a good job” says Carlos.

The event ended with words of wisdom by NBC channel 5 reporter Natalie Martinez who shared her experiences in college and how it led to her career in journalism. “My mother used to tell me honey, education is money in the bank”, says Natalie. “I began wanting to be a dentist, but I realized that I can’t put my fingers in people mouths. I received scholarships to help pay for college, and it was worth it. I am in an ever changing business and I love it.” Natalie also tells the visitors to set goals and to follow their dreams, because if they don’t follow them they won’t come true.

According to former President Bill Clinton, there are many jobs that are available, but there are a lot of people who do not qualify for the positions because they lack training and a college degree. College is different from high school as far as assignment layout, and it is advised that students who are graduating or attending high school to start looking for colleges that they can see themselves applying and taking college credit courses to get their feet wet in college life.

“You wouldn’t buy shoes without trying them on, you should take that same approach when it comes to choosing schools” Tiana Baymon, Financial Aid Specialist.

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