Should Fast Food Workers Learn C.P.R

By Jeramie L Bizzle twitter@jeramiebizzle87

It is no secret how people live a fast paced lifestyle where you can get just about everything in a blink of an eye, and for years fast food restaurants have been a major contributor to a fast pace society. But just as life can get rapid at times, so does potential hazards that can threaten them.

As witnessed at a popular fast food chain, an ordinary day of everyone eating and others standing in line waiting to order, while a woman begins to scream for help as her daughter begins to choke on a piece of her meal. Everyone including the workers stopped and looked on without lending a hand in the situation. Luckily the mother was able to perform a finger technique that saved her daughters life in the restaurant. As if the situation couldn’t get any better, the manager came over to where the family was seated only to offer the teen a soft drink. The situation in an instant took a turn for the worst, if it was not for the mother, the daughter could of lost her life as people looked on.

This is a rare occasion but this was a reminder that these occurrences can still happen at anytime. What if this same incident happens again but in another fast food restaurant, will the workers be able to handle the situation or will they be stunned in the same manner as those of the last establishment? Rebecca Stanciu who is a waitress at a popular restaurant disagrees with the idea of employees learning CPR. “I feel it will be a waste of time, plus we have one person on standby just in case. Besides it will be a liability issue” says Rebecca. But Craig Clavio of the famous local eatery “Clavio’s” feels that it would be a good idea. “From a business standpoint, it would be beneficial because if someone dies in the restaurant, it can be bad or business, people are gonna always remember that” says Craig.

By employees taking classes and getting certified, more customers would feel better knowing that they are in a more safe environment. Managers and employers should know that if they can be trained to flip a few burgers and take orders, they can too be taught to save lives.

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