What is TRIO?


By Camille Severino
I stopped in the TRIO office in room A106 and spoke to BriAnne Nichols, Director, about just what TRIO is.

“The TRIO Student Support Services program here at Triton College started in 2010.  The program is one of eight TRIO programs that are funded through the Department of Education to assist students.  Triton College was awarded the grant in 2010.

We serve first generation, which means that neither the student`s parents have graduated with a bachelors degree, low income backgrounds and students with documented disabilities.  We help them graduate here from Triton College and then transfer on to a four-year institution.  Trio is funded through the US Department of Education and through the program we have mentoring, tutoring, advising, academic and financial workshops and cultural events.

Our goal is to help students graduate in any way possible.  We help them with their academics, financial aid, creating a budget, creating their academic plan each semester and assistance in transferring to a four year institution”.

According to Ms. Nichols the TRIO program is funded to serve 160 students. Although the TRiO program is currently serving 160 students, TRIO continually takes applications since as students graduate or transfer to a four years institution they are able to serve additional students.

“We never turn a student away,” said Nichols, “If it’s not through our program we’ll still direct them in the right direction.  So even if a student doesn’t know if they are eligible for the program or even if we are full at the time we still want students to apply so that way we can direct them to the right resources.”

So if you feel that TRIO is the type of program you have been looking for to help you while here at Triton, pay a visit to them in room A106 or give them a call at (708) 456-0300 ext. 3341

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