Clavio’s Cafe: Great grub on and off campus!

Written by: Sandra Neri
If you have attended Triton College for any length of time, you may have been aware of one thing…the cafeteria food was not really…uh satisfying (this is me being very nice). This Summer, there has been great change in the cafeteria…Clavio’s Cafehas opened !  Most people know of Clavio’s Eatery, which is only a few steps away from Triton campus, and now we have Clavio’s fresh cooked food right here. Clavio’s Cafe has been receiving a warm welcome from Triton students and faculty since they opened this summer. Clavio’s Cafe has got something for everyone, everyday. Breakfast is available everyday, some menu items change daily, and may not all be listed here.

Available breakfast items include:

Pancakes/waffles         Fresh cut fruit
Sausages                  Plain yogurt/Greek yogurt
Scrambled Eggs         Donuts and Bagels
Bacon                           Cold cereals/Poptarts
Hash-browns         Instant Oatmeal

Clavio’s lunch menu has items which are always available, and items that change daily. Some items may not appear on my list. Available lunch items consist of

Soup                           Italian Beef
Nachos                  Fried Shrimp
Pizza                           Fish and Chips
Pizza Puffs                  French Fries
Ravioli                  Chicken wings
Chicken strips         Italian Sausage

There is also a wide variety of beverages to choose from, including:

Bottle water, Coffee, Fruit Juice
Bottle soda, Hot Water/Tea Bags
Fountain Soda, Expresso/Cappucino machine

Don’t forget to visit the Salad Bar, which is always set with up with fresh cut vegetables, (don’t forget to add the chicken). You can also have a fresh deli sandwich made your way at the Deli Station. If you are craving a Gyros, delicious milkshake, or Italian ice…sorry, but you have to walk across the street to Clavio’s Eatery. I am very certain you will find something here that will make you happy. 5th Avenue Journal welcomes Clavio’s Cafe and staff !!! Bon A petite!

You may know the name Claviofrom Clavio’s Eatery…but do you know the man behind that great food? Well, it wasn’t easy to catch Craig Clavio, owner of two Clavio’s Eateries and a catering service, but I managed to get a few questions answered.

5th Ave: How long have you been in the food business?
Craig : 10 years
5th Ave: Are you thinking of opening any other locations?
Craig: Not at this time, I’m concentrating on Clavio’s Cafe here at Triton
5th Ave: Who approached who about bringing your great food to Triton’s cafeteria?
Craig: It was a mutual agreement…I believe someone from the student government approached me
5th Ave: What is your favorite part about being a restaurant owner/caterer?
Craig: Making people happy
5th Ave: And your least favorite part?
Craig: When they are not happy
5th Ave: Do you cook at home, and if so what do you cook?
Craig: Yes, I like to cook Italian food…pasta…usually some kind of pasta
5th Ave: Who taught you to cook, and how old were you?
Craig: I learned by observing my family cook…and while at my first job at a grocery store when I was 14…also while working at a restaurant in Florida years ago
5th Ave: Are any of the items on the menu family recipes?
Craig: No, they are my own
5th Ave: With the very little spare time you have, what do you like to do?
Craig: No spare time really, but when there is, I hang out with my daughter…she likes going downtown

The fact that it literally took me weeks to get my interview and pictures is proof that this is a very busy, and hardworking man. I am willing to bet he has not even taken the time to go and get his damaged cell phone replaced (sorry Craig, I couldn’t resist mentioning that). It is very impressive that this self-taught, restaurant owner and caterer has not just kept his head above water in a terrible economy…but has managed to expand his business. A real example of what happens when you have a strong work ethic and desire to achieve. I even managed to get some advice on how to cook my pasta…but I think I will keep that info to myself.

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