Doctor Who Returns with Surprising Season

By Jeramie L Bizzle


The hit series that began as a sci-fi show in 1963 resurfaced back in 2005 and became a world wide phenomenon. For the fans that longed for a seventh season, the anticipation was worth it. Since the Eleventh Doctor crash landed in the backyard of Amy Pond, they have been on a wild run from Daleks, Cybermen and SMILERS just to name a few, but the journey of Amy Pond and Rory Williams comes to an end.

The first new episode of the season entitle “Asylum of the Daleks” begins with the Doctor, Amy and Rory being up-ducted in order to be asked by the alien race to help save them. The episode gives audiences a spoiler as to who the new companion will be. Jenna-Louise Coleman makes her debut as Oswin or as the Doctor calls her “Souffle Girl” who will take the seat as the new companion next season. The Doctor tried to save her but finds out that the race did a full conversion and transferred her into a Dalek. As the end of the episode came closer, Oswin releases the force field to save him, at the same time hints at the spoiler by looking in the camera and says “Remember me Doctor, Remember”.

This season, be prepared to see history meets science fiction as Queen Nefertiti clashes with dinosaurs on a space ship, meet aliens in the wild wild west, and see what the hype of the Weeping Angels are all about. For those who are fans of the global series are in for a season that will leave you laughing and somewhat teary eyed for this will not only be one of the best seasons since the departure of David Tennant, but you will witness for the first time Matt Smith will experience losing one companion for another. For those who are #newtoWHO, you can catch up with past seasons on Netfilx and DVD, and catch the new episodes Saturdays at 9/8 central on BBC America Comcast 162 and prepare tp ask the question, “Doctor Who?”.

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