Students Say “No” to New Lebron Shoes









By Jeramie L Bizzle


This is the picture of the latest shoe by NBA Champion and Olympic gold medalist Lebron James of the Miami Heat

Remember when the first pair of Micheal Jordan sneakers first hit the shelves, everyone flew to the stores to be the first to own what is now today an urban necessity. Forward over a decade later, there is a brand new NBA champ and Olympic gold medalist by the name of Lebron James who has caught a lot of flock for turning his back on Cleveland and Whining almost every game.

His latest shoe entitled “Lebron X” has caused a stir in the media world for being sold for as much as over three hundred dollars in stores and online. Real shoe collectors usually camp out til midnight to get their hands on the latest fashion, but the price of the shoe leaves many thinking that it may create violence and people may be robbed over the shoe. According to Washington Post- “Nike tells stores to keep their corner in check and to beef up their security to keep things civil”. It’s hard to think how civil things can be when you have people standing out in the middle of the night with three hundred dollars in their pocket, yeah, real civil.

Students at Triton College recently partaken in a poll about the price of the sneakers and whether or not that they will go out on opening night to by a new pair of the last Lebron shoe. In that survey, only six percent said that they will go buy a pair of the shoes, while two percent said they maybe will buy it. Twenty-two percent say that they will stick to their Jordan’s, while a not so surprising Seventy percent said that they will definitely not pay no where near three hundred dollars for shoes, there were other personal answers but not any of them were censored.

As of now, there is no exact release date for the shoe, but rest a sure that you will not see many college students in line for three hundred dollar shoes when they don’t even want to pay three hundred dollars for their books for class. The shoes are a contribution to the question “How much is too much?”, and in this case, Luther Vandross answered it by saying “Never too Much”.

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