Capoeira Now Offered At Triton

By Jeramie L Bizzle


Over the summer, the new Capoeira class was offered to students who interested in learning about the Brazilian dance. The class offers the basics of the martial arts style of dance in addition to learning about the culture. Instructor Oliver Camacho sits with the 5th Avenue Journal to discuss the history, Misconceptions of the dance and more information about the class:

What is Capoeira and how are things learned in performing the dance?

It’s an oral tradition, its about you seeing, you tend to learn the traditions of the slavery, all those stories are learned through the movements such as the revolts. They are all embedded in the movements and the sounds that can be learned through the teachers and their students.

Distinguish the difference between Capoeira and break dance?

Well dance rhythm is universal, no matter where you are. You are going to find similar movements in modernized dance. But its whole concept is social movement, social justice, because you are talking about oppression and trying to liberate themselves, just as in hip-hop. But you have to realize they are different because they are in different times and they have different elders too.

What else will students benefit from joining the class?

Its multicultural, you will have to learn a new language such as Portuguese, learn how to play the different instruments, and of course fitness, and you’re learning the game of attack and defense. It’s a lot about balance and coordination. It offers a lot of positive things about it besides the obvious. But students have to keep an open mind and remember that all the videos can’t compare to actually being in the class.

Can you provide an update for the fall schedule so far?

I teach in various locations on and off campus, I teach in oak park called “Intuit dance studio” I teach there on Fridays and I am trying to start a credit course for students who are interested in joining, if they are interested they can always email me. If they want to start an organization I will support that or if they want to continue it as non credit, but its been positive so far. Try it once, its better in experience.

For those who are interested in taking the course, you can email Oliver at for additional information and registration.

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