MTV Guy Code Review

By Jeramie L Bizzle   @jeramiebizzle87

For years, Men and women questioned each other about what are they thinking and what they want from one another, but thanks to MTV and their latest show, at least one of the questions will be answered. Guy Code is a show that give viewers insight into your average male mind and expose things that a guy may be thinking and simply why they do what they do. Some of the topics discussed on the show include “One Night Stand” rules, Hygiene and even rules on farting (yes there is a rule for that too). Although it is a comedy, they discuss important topics as well as financial budgeting and rules of dating.

When you see the initials MTV, you automatically think Jersey Shore and you automatically think that the show is stupid, but in reality, this show is beneficial to women who are looking to getting back into the dating game themselves. This help show you what not to do and what you might want to do if you want to keep the one you are with. The show premiered during spring break and that season covered the rules of the spring, now in it’s second season and this one promises to cover the basics of the day to day that all guys deal with.

If you are interested in seeing what the show has to offer or to have a good laugh for the day, head over to and watch clips and sneak peeks of the past episodes. Season 2 begins Tuesday July 17 at 9 pm.

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