The Farm Update

By Chris Weber
Despite the severe drought and multiple infestations of insects, my first season of organic farming is going well so far.
I have been busy planting, weeding and harvesting, but most importantly, learning everything that goes into being an organic farmer. I learn something new everyday, (most days I learn many things).
One of my most important goals for this season is building up a commercial seed stock. A large stock of seed is necessary to fill an entire acre. I would estimate that I have used about 30% of the land that is available to me. I am fortunate to be able to gather seed from many things that previous farmers have planted on the field. Currently I have saved a large seed stock of garlic, leeks and mustard greens. I am planting half of the leek and mustard green seeds now with the hope that they overwinter as well as they did last year. The remaining seeds will be planted in the spring. The garlic cloves and bulbils will be planted a week or two before the ground freezes. My plan is to continue saving seeds from most of what I have growing. This will save money and is also much more sustainable than buying seeds every spring.
I will share more about how I am trying to practice sustainable farming, how I am surviving the drought and how I am fighting pests organically.

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