Clavio’s Takes Over Triton Cafeteria

By Jeramie L Bizzle   @jeramiebizzle87

Students for the past few years always complained about the food in the cafeteria and the high prices. Students all traveled across the street to the famous local eatery Clavio’s to better suit their taste buds and their budgets. Now they won’t have to travel that far for the food is now taking over F.S.I.

With the restaurant coming to the school, they will be bringing their menu, fast and friendly service to the students. But not to worry, the restaurant will still keep its current location on fifth avenue. Students and staff are beginning to rejoice over the news about the change in the food service:

“I feel good about them, we eat there enough already” – Christopher Smith, Student Life

“They are, seriously, I think it’s fantastic” – Jeff Brown, Student

Clavio’s serves a variety of fast food and Italian specialties including cheeseburgers, salads, Connolly’s, and much more. Here at Triton we thank Clavio’s for keeping us full for a years and we welcome them with open arms. Although they have began serving the students in the cafe, you can still visit their current location at 1908 5thAvenue in River Grove, IL. Be sure to visit their website for coupons and catering information. Because as they say and many can agree, “it’s not fast food, it’s good food fast!!!”

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