Button it up People

By Jeramie L Bizzle


By now, you are probably thinking not the whole sagging of the pants thing again, if you are your dead wrong. Although there have been some fashion flops in the past few years, an old school favorite is making its returning, you guessed it, the button trend. On hats, backpacks and clothing, buttons are popping up as the oldest yet newest way for the hipsters to express themselves. But how and where did the button come from.

Buttons were invented over 2,000 years ago (what was known as the “Bronze Age”) in New York and just like now, was made for fashion designs such as belts and other pieces of clothing, but it was around the 14th and 15th century when the button was used as fasteners for clothes. Although there is not just one person who was credited for the invention of the button, but they were the biggest thing in that era.

Since then, the button is still a fashion statement, but modern day buttons allow an alternative way to the “Freedom of Speech”. No matter what your likes, dislikes, political views or favorite food, you can make that apart of your wardrobe and add some flavor to your sneaks and backpack. The most common button today involve comic and gaming media, and if you are a real gamer, than wear your buttons proudly as they represent your interest.

If you want to be apart of the button trend but don’t know where to start, order some online or head out to your nearest comic book store or gaming center and stock up. Unlike cell phones and shoes, buttons are very inexpensive and suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes. From Captain America to PAC-Man, yup there’s a button for that.

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