TGSA Breaks the Silence

By Jeramie L Bizzle


On April 18th, members of the Triton Gay Straight Alliance stood up and protested about bullying amongst others of their sexual orientation, race and demographics during their Day of Silence event. Host Lorenzo Webber read the stories of these people as each member was wearing shirts that displayed students, teens and some themselves who were bullied, teased and even committed suicide about being different. Along with the shirts, they wore tape across their mouths that displayed the D.O.S logo that symbolized that action instead of words against these crimes.

The President of TGSA Tina Fajardo expressed that the event was good and thought that the school needed more diversity. Other members including Robert Castilo and Tina Scarpelli was grateful for those who attended and most importantly were open minded to not stereotype the group:

“it was great to see change in the school, it might not have been the most progressive but it was great to have it, it was a tribute for everybody” Robert Castilo, Student.

“It could of turned out more, but glad to see that people noticed how impacted the individuals were about the violence and experience. I’m Proud little things like this opened a lot of peoples eyes.” Tina Scarpelli, TCSA Secretary Elect.

This was the first major event for the club since last years open forum where a couple of students were escorted out for saying offensive comments to the panel. The group and its displays of welcoming all no matter their orientation is the beginning of a different Triton College experience. This demonstration also puts awareness of bullying and how crucial it is for it to end. TGSA would like to send a special prayer to those who have committed suicide or experienced any type of bullying and to let them know change is here.

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