T.C.S.A Results for 201-2013 E-Board

By Jeramie L Bizzle


The results are in for the new E-Board for Triton College Student Association for the 2012-2013 school year are in. Congratulations to Shekena “KiKi” Kirskey on winning the ballad for President, Tina Scarpelli for Secretary, Carlos Calderon for Treasurer, and Andrew Smith for Trustee. The role for Vice President will be appointed by new President elect Kirskey or a special election will be hold to determine new V.P. The winnings expressed their excitement for their new positions and can’t wait to get rolling with their new titles:

“It feels good my hard work paid off. I’m excited for next year. I ran for President instead of Vice President because President is the face as the V.P is in the background. And I have what it takes to make TCSA better” Kirskey, President Elect.

“It was like this position suited me. Feels great to have an E-Board position that I have worked hard for” Scarpelli, Secretary Elect.

“It feels pretty awesome, it feels like crack (LOL), just kidding. I want to thank the people who voted for me” Carlos Calderon, Treasurer Elect.

The office of TCSA and Student Life would like to thank those who came out and voted in this years elections. The choices that you made were greatly appreciated. If you are interested in TCSA and want to become a senator for the upcoming year, stop by student life located in the B building room 120 and pick up an application and make a difference. On behalf of the fifth avenue journal, Congratulation once again to our 2012-2013 TCSA E-Board, you will do a great job!!!

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