BASA Host Petition Signing

By Jeramie L Bizzle

On Tuesday April 2nd, the members of the Black Academic Student Association hosted a petition signing for Trayvon Martin in the cafeteria located in the B building. Students stepped up to sign the plea to arrest and jail Zimmerman, the gunman in the fatal shooting, and to have him prosecuted for murder. People who stepped up also received an individual bag of skittles and a cup of Arizona Iced Tea in honor of the seventeen year old martin. Posters of Martin in his hoodie and saying “Skittles, Ice Tea, Hoodie, Being Black, AM I Next?” hung from the tables as a statement for the signing

The event was sparked over the nationwide tragedy of the murder and the Trayvon by Zimmerman who is still free. BASA explained why this event was important because this affects us all no matter what color of our skin because this is an everyday occurrence that happens to children everywhere, and this is a way of saying enough is enough. More than fifty plus students signed the petition and also agree that enough is enough.

So far as mention on, more than two million people from around the nation has signed the form for the prosecution of Zimmerman, recently announced, he has now been faced with charges of second degree murder. As more information about the case continues to unfold, we will keep you posted on all the incoming actions from the Martin/Zimmerman case.

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