TCSA Candidate Debate

By Jeramie L Bizzle

As the elections for the next E-Board positions for TCSA are coming close, the students and faculty got the chance to hear their platform as the candidates spoke at the 2012 TCSA Debates. The event hosted by Lorenzo Webber ask the hopefuls questions pertaining to their experiences and friendly questions that gave the audience an idea to who they are in their everyday lives.

This year, runners include Tina Scarpelli, who is running unopposed as Secretary, Nick Chiakulus and Carlos Calderon for treasure, Andre Smith and Kevin Roemer for Student Trustee and last but not least, Shakena Kirksey, Micheal Incardone and David Haennacke for President, as of now there is no one running for the Vice President position. Which leaves the question, “Why Should We Vote for you?”

Presidential Candidates:

Kirksey who has mulitple positions in various clubs and organizations as well as being a single parent says that she will be great for the position because even with all that is going on she has managed them all with her time management skills.

Incardone serves as current treasurer and already knows the ins and outs of the positions and feels he can be a great asset into provide leadership to the school.

Haennacke although only serving as a senator on the TCSA board, feels that he has what it takes to tackle the job with success in the outcome.

Treasurer Candidates:

Chiakulas has the real life experience of owing a business and managing his Churches budget.

Calderon also have experience dealing with numbers, plus is really picky when it comes to dealing with money.


Scarpelli is currently apart of TCSA and co-chair of Athletics, also has prior experience as a candidate of M.I.G. “I get the work done and do what I can to follow through to get them done” she says

Student Trustee:

Smith who has Been Previously involved in TCSA and apart of Campus Ministries feels he fits because of his experience with the organization and wants to implement change that will benefit students.

Roemer who currently serves as Secretary handles some of the President and vice presidents ordeals already knows the routines and has a take charge attitude.

Vice President:

If interest put your write ins ASAP!!!

The elections will be April 3rd and the 4th in the B building and R building. Remember no candidates should be promoting themselves in either building or they will become disqualified.

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