Record High Temp’s Rock Spring Break


Triton students who left town to avoid the usually gloomy March weather were in for an ironic spring break surprise as the Chicago area enjoyed record high temperatures for the majority of the week-long vacation.

According to, high temperatures in Illinois were more than 15 degrees above average for 13 straight days. The warm weather shattered records for the warmest temps in March that had previously been set in the 1920’s. Chicagoans felt two weeks of weather that they don’t normally experience until the beginning of July. attributes the unusual summerlike warmth to the location of the jet stream which has been located far to the north across central and eastern Canada, allowing mild air to surge into the eastern two thirds of the nation. A large dome of high pressure dominating over the western Atlantic off the East Coast has been acting as a pump of warm air.

“I’m glad I stuck around here for spring break” said Triton student Chris Anderson. “My friends went to Arizona. They called me complaining that it was warmer here than where they went. I just laughed at them.”

The spring of 2012 is expected to be warmer than average for the entire US. The result so far has been most apparent in the early blooming flowers we normally don’t see until the middle of April.  Let’s just hope this doesn’t translate into a summer that is too hot for humans and plants to enjoy.

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