Honeybees: the Kings and Queens of Agriculture

By Lisa Files

Who would have thought something so small could be so powerful?

Most of the fruit, vegetables, and nuts we eat are pollinated by bees.  Therefore, the decline in the number and strength of honeybees could impact our future food supply.

What is causing bee colony collapse disorder (CCD)?  A number of factors are suspect:  mites, fungi, viruses, pesticides, and parasites.  At this point, one single cause cannot take blame from the rest.  Though corn seed coated with clothianidin, a pesticide, could be a quiet  weapon of mass destruction.  For more on this, see Triton College Sustainability Coordinator Adrian Fisher’s blog: www.ecologicalgardening.net/2011/01/lets-talk-about-bees.html.

As an added benefit, eating raw, locally produced honey might help prevent allergies and asthma.  Raw honey contains pollen spores from local plants so that when we consume it, we expose ourselves little by little to potential allergens, building up our immunity.

Warning:  if you are allergic to honey or if you are diabetic, please abstain from honey.  Also, do not feed honey to children under the age of 1.

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